Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Recent Podcasts, Part 2: The Tech Hour

by Daniel Parker, RDPFS Intern

This is the second part of our survey of recent interesting podcasts. This portion focuses specifically on computer technology.

Since 2006, Freedom Scientific has produced FSCast, now hosted by Glen Gordon, covering the latest developments in their technology. The company now also offers a Training Podcast, which packages pieces of their extensive array of training materials in a podcast form. The former longtime host of FSCast, Jonathan Mosen, also has his own show, Mosen At Large, where he presents interesting tech and general blindness content. Another offering, The Mystic Access Podcast, hosted by Chris and Kim Nova, who are both living with blindness, “specialize[s] in providing the tools for blind and visually impaired users to become empowered to maximize their enjoyment of access technology.” In addition,  Maccessibility and the AppleVis Podcast are both shows dedicated to helping people who are visually impaired learn about and use Apple products. Maccessibility is staffed by “a group of dedicated visually-impaired volunteers,” while AppleVis draws from the broader community on its website. Another option, iSee discusses “using various technologies from a blind person’s perspective.” Double Tap, “the show where blind people talk tech,” is a call-in, email-in show where individuals share their stories and technology tips.

For more podcasts on tech topics, please read the list from PodBean’s webpage, providing “An overview of the podcasts I follow for Main stream and Assistive Technology.” Although the shows are not linked in the listing, they are available by searching wherever you get your podcasts. Highlights include the Blind Android Users Podcastand Blind Bargains various shows, as well as several podcasts about mainstream technology.