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Recent Podcasts of General Interest

by Daniel Parker, RDPFS Intern

In the past, this Bulletin has covered collections of recent interesting podcasts. Here is a list of recent podcasts that center on visual impairment and are worth a listen. Note that podcasts focusing more on technology will be in a separate article.
Hadley produces
Hadley Presents, which features conversations on a variety of topics related to vision loss. Recent episodes include “Keeping Your Job After Vision Loss,” “Tips for Fun and Accessible Travel,” and “The Impact of Vision Loss on Marriage, Revisited.” RNIB Conversations, produced in the United Kingdom, and the Blind and Beyond radio shows in the United States are call-in programs presenting listener-submitted stories and conversations of people living with sight loss. Vision Insights from the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually-Impaired, Living Blind from Balance for Blind Adults and Vision Beyond Sight’s eponymous podcast are similar shows that feature interviews with experts related to health, education, and technology. A recent Vision Insights episode talks about cortical visual impairment, while another from Living Blind discusses Charles Bonnet Syndrome. The Eye on the Cure podcast from the Foundation Fighting Blindness brings together the most recent news about advances in the science of vision diseases. The most recent, rather different episode is an interview with Steven McCoy, the first black, deaf-blind journalist, and his challenges with Usher Syndrome.

On Tech and Vision from Lighthouse Guild explores how technology can improve the lives of people with low vision, whether by restoring vision or enhancing remaining vision. For a broader look at low vision issues, Let’s Talk Low Vision from Council of Citizens with Low Vision International is an option, with a recent episode discussing travel tips. The Blind Abilities podcast is “the most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, success Stories, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.” Recent episodes deal with competitive sports and fitness training, iPhone tips and tricks, and music. Finally, be sure to explore the many podcasts from the National Federation of the Blind, including the flagship Nation’s Blind podcast, as well as those from the American Foundation for the Blind such as Inform and Connect.