Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Podcast Visits the “Virtual Studio” of the Curator for a Multisensory Art Experience

Molly Brockman, art curator at Beyond Vision Art, spoke with host Simon Bonenfant on an episode of the Blind Abilities podcast. Brockman lost most of her vision three years ago, and since late 2021, has been totally blind. She recalled “her inspiring story of how her frustration with the inadequacies of her local art museum empowered her to create art that everyone could enjoy!” The organization Beyond Vision Art is dedicated to providing art and art education that involves the senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and vision, or “Multisensory art,” geared specifically for people who are visually impaired. Brockman conveyed the message that people who are blind or visually impaired can enjoy art as well as create and sell art. To learn more, and download the podcast, visit the Blind Abilities webpage for Beyond Vision Art: Meet Molly Brockman, Art Curator at Beyond Vision Art– Providing Art that Engages the 5 Senses, Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing, and Vision .