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Physical Activities Barriers Study Seeks Participation by Parents of Children with CHARGE Syndrome

Parents of Children with CHARGE Syndrome are invited to participate in a Barriers to Physical Activity study being conducted by a team from SUNY Brockport. It is for children with CHARGE who are between 10 and 18 years of age who can communicate. Prospective study participants are asked to click on the link that can be found in the full text of this article, with their child with CHARGE Syndrome, to access the Physical Activity Barriers Questionnaire for Youth with Visual Impairment (PABQ-VI). For questions about the study, contact Dr. Lauren Lieberman, SUNY Brockport Distinguished Service Professor, by telephone at 585-943-2829 or by e-mail [email protected].

CHARGE Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that affects several parts of a child’s body, including the eyes, nerves, heart, nasal passages, genital, and ears. For more information, read the Cleveland Clinic webpage describing CHARGE Syndrome