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Now Available: Employers’ Practical Guide: Reasonable Accommodations During the Hiring Process

A recently released resource, “Employers’ Practical Guide: Reasonable Accommodations During the Hiring Process,” sums up some of the situations employers frequently face when dealing with requests for accommodations from applicants and candidates with disabilities. Produced by the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) of the U.S Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), the guide “includes ideas and resources for providing accommodations quickly during the hiring process.” It uses steps outlined in JAN’s sample interactive process for both employers and employees to work together to come up with an appropriate plan of action and offers ideas for streamlining the process in developing, implementing, and monitoring the accommodation. Read the full “Employers’ Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation During the Hiring Process” here. And Check out the announcement of the guide in the ODEP News Brief here.