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“No Diagram” Anatomy Workshops Coming Up in November and December 2023

Dark Room Ballet has announced its upcoming new series of “no-diagram anatomy workshops.” Open to all, the program gives priority (for no fee) to students who are blind and visually impaired and requires no previous experience. Workshops, being held on three Saturdays, from 4 to 6 pm ET, are sponsored by Movement Research and offered via Zoom, include the following dates and topics:
– on November 18, 2023, “The Respiratory System,” using movement, touch, breathing, and conversations to teach about the respiratory system and enhance body awareness and understanding about “how we breathe.”
– on December 9, 2023: “The Spinal Complex,” analyzing the spinal column, spinal cord, and muscles that enable spinal movement; and
– on December 16, 2023, “The Iliopsoas Complex,” exploring the workings of the iliopsis and pelvic tissue. (The illopsis, according to an article published by the National Library of Medicine at the link above, encompasses the deep muscle group which anatomically connects the spine to the lower limbs).
The workshops promise to bring students “deep anatomical knowledge, reduced movement anxiety, and tools to start learning how to talk about movement in a visceral way.” Dark Room Ballet with Krishna Washburn offers instruction in ballet, audio description, and anatomy for adults who are blind and visually impaired. For more information, visit the Dark Room Ballet webpage on No Diagram Anatomy Workshops. To register for any or all of the workshops, email [email protected].