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New Tactile Braille Learning Device for Students in Science, Math, and Art

The BrailleDoodle, a new device for braille and tactile learning in science, math and art, features a surface that refreshes repeatedly. It allows students to write, create, and feel as they go along, empowering children “to reach their full potential through braille literacy, even remotely, while enjoying tactile art.” The device contains hundreds of holes, each with a smooth metal ball that can be pulled to the surface with a magnetic stylus. It also includes a braille side, with examples of letters, numbers, and words, and space to practice. On the “Doodle Side,” there is room to enjoy what has been called “’the Etch-a-Sketch for the blind.’” The product is distributed through a recently established nonprofit organization, The TouchPad Pro Foundation. BrailleDoodle is available for the “kickstarter” price of $75 through June 19, 2023. That price is available beyond that date for readers of this Bulletin by contacting Daniel Lubiner, product developer, via email at [email protected] and including “RDPFS” in the subject line. For addition information, read an article from Blind New World entitled BrailleDoodle: a New York Teacher Invents Something to Change Everything and a piece from Perkins School for the Blind on the BrailleDoodle.