Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

New Support Groups for Parents with Vision Loss and Partners of People with Vision Loss

Being a parent is certainly rewarding, although it also “comes with its share of challenges.” For parents who have vision loss, “these challenges can be particularly daunting.” This support group, led by a licensed professional, will bring guidance, encouragement, and practical advice to those who are parenting with vision loss. Discussions will cover such topics as connecting with others who understand your experience, balancing responsibilities, exploring resources, and more. For additional information or to register, visit Lighthouse Guild’s webpage on  Tele-Support for Parents with Vision Loss.

Tele-Support for Partners of People with Vision Loss: Second Monday of the Month at 7 pm ET 

Spouses and partners of individuals with vision loss can connect with others nationwide, “share experiences, get expert guidance, and build resilience together” with this professionally led support group. Discussions will cover a range of topics, including finding support from peers with similar experiences, sharing resources, and practical advice on how to adapt to changes, to name a few. Learn more and register by visiting Lighthouse Guild’s webpage on Tele-Support for Partners of People with Vision Loss.