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New Certification Being Developed for Occupational Therapists in Blindness/Low Vision: Join in a Virtual Listening Session on April 17, 2023

ACVREP (The Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals) recently announced that they are developing “an in-depth certification for licensed/registered Occupational Therapists (OTs) in blindness/low vision,” as covered in a recent issue of this Bulletin. In explaining the decision and its timing, ACVREP highlighted the rapidly growing population of older adults who need vision rehabilitation services and the shortage of “well-trained quality professionals who can help them maintain their independence.” They underscored the need to expand the number of professionals who can address the needs of individuals who experience low vision or blindness during their senior years. The development of this new certification does not replace any of the currently existing professionals or certifications. Rather, this increases the “number of professionals qualified to provide vision rehabilitation.” For additional details, read this Important Message From the ACVREP Board of Directors. You can also join in a listening session with the Board on the topic on April 17, 2023 beginning at 5 pm ET. Register here to “Share Your View” re OT Certification.