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New Audio Apps

Light Detector is an application designed to detect light through your phone’s camera, helping you “hear” light rather than see.  It uses sound to convey the intensity of the light.  For example, the closer to the light you are, the higher pitch the sound will be. In a darker room, the sound will be a lower pitch.  If you have windows that reflect light, the app may detect that light and you may hear a higher pitch, as if the light is on.  If you live alone and you do not have visual light perception, this app could come in handy in telling whether the light is on or off.  The Light Detector app is only available on iOS and is free to from Appstore.

Another useful app is Audible.  Audible contains a wide variety of audio books for you to download and listen to. You use your amazon account to log in. There is a monthly fee of $14.92.  Users receive a credit each month to select a book.  If you do not use the credit in a given month, they will accumulate for future use.  The only catch is that you cannot keep more than six credits on your account. If you do not use the sixth credit, you will not receive credit for subsequent payments until the number of credits has been reduced. Find out more here.