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More from the ACB Convention…

By Ahmat Djouma, RDPFS Intern

The recent convention of the American Council of the Blind (ACB) featured a roundtable related to the accessibility offerings of video streaming services currently available, including Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Apple TV Plus, Comcast, Amazon, Disney Plus and the very recent Paramount Plus.  Amazon, for example, is using text-to-speech rather than human narration in some of the movies in their repertoire to increase the availability of audio description.  Some of the streaming services feature a great deal of audio description; with others, you may encounter limited accessibility. Often the streaming services provide information and links related to accessibility on their websites. And most of them offer free trials with no-cost cancellation if you choose not to continue. Following are links to additional information about accessibility options for a few of the streaming services discussed:
Netflix accessibility;
– for Amazon: Accessibility Features on Prime Video;
– for Accessibility Features on Hulu;
– for Apple TV’s Accessibility Features.
Extensive information about HBOMax and accessibility is available on the ACB website announcement regarding the rollout of HBO Max audio described content. ACB also has general information on audio description.