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Making the Holiday Season Brighter for Family Members Who are Visually Impaired

With the number of older adults with vision impairment from diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration increasing, family members and caregivers may be “facing concerns about how to make sure the holidays are a problem-free and joyous time for their visually impaired relatives.” Recognizing this, the Massachusetts Association for the Blind offers some tips that can help, such as:
When decorating, do not reorganize major items. Consistency is important for an individual with vision loss.
Use contrasting colors on and near the dinner table. Limited vision may cause items to blur together.
Choose and wrap gifts “with vision impairment in mind.” Consider gifts that can make life easier, such as products with large print or audio capabilities
Narrate your holiday events. Be sure to introduce yourself verbally and be descriptive about gifts and the location of things in the party space.
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