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Major Airline Adding Tactile Signage to Aircraft Cabin Interiors

Braille markings added by United Airlines to their aircraft will help people with vision impairment “better identify row numbers, seat assignments and lavatory locations independently.” With this action, United has become the first U.S. airline to offer braille markings within its aircraft interiors. Currently about a dozen of their planes are equipped with braille signage for individual rows and seat numbers as well as inside and outside of lavatories. The airline expects to include braille throughout its entire fleet by the end of 2026. United is also working with the American Council of the Blind (ACB) and the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and other advocacy groups to explore introducing other tactile aids for navigation throughout their cabins, such as raised letters, numbers, and arrows. “’We applaud United for taking an important step toward making its aircraft more accessible to blind passengers,’” stated NFB President Mark Roccobono. He explained that flying can be frustrating for numerous reasons, “’one of which is the amount of information available exclusively through printed signs and other visual indicators. We hope to continue working with United to explore additional ways to make flying more accessible and less stressful for blind passengers.’” ACB’s Interim Executive Director Dan Spoone acknowledged the addition of braille signage in creating “’an accessible airline passenger experience…’” adding that “’We appreciate the airline’s continued exploration of additional in-flight navigational aids like large print and tactile interiors, and we encourage all airlines to follow United’s lead in making air travel more inclusive for the blind and low vision community.’” Read more in the press release featured on the ACB website announcing that United Becomes First U.S. Airline to Add Braille to Aircraft Cabin Interiors.