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Lessons of COVID: An Insight Into the Impact Within Educational Institutions

The pandemic forced many changes to life as we knew it, especially for education. As remote learning became the norm, “students, faculty, and administrators had to learn ways of transferring and consuming knowledge without stepping into the classroom…” in a recent blog post on My Blind Spot, Albert J. Rizzi, M.Ed., points out “a number of silver linings as it relates to learning styles.” The “silver linings” included the increased attention brought to the barriers and overall issues that have confronted those with disabilities, well before the pandemic. Rizzi covers what we learned about educational disparities, the effective transition to remote learning and work, and how the situation facilitated increased access for individuals with disabilities. He salutes the teachers who adapted to remote work admirably. Technical difficulties, including inadequate band width, poor connections, and lack of access to technology emerged as major challenges. These difficulties helped to prompt the Biden administration to address these as vital to the nation’s infrastructure, acknowledging that “the virtual avenues we travel daily are as important as our roads and bridges.” Companies like Zoom took action to ensure that individuals of all ages and abilities could utilize their digital platforms, including students and professionals with disabilities. Rizzi cites many examples, noting that “this pandemic forced us to rethink things and revisit how we did things because they simply had to be done.” Read his full blog at My Blind Spot.