Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Just For Fun

A Blind Legend, developed by Dowino, is a great accessible game. With its great 3d sound effects, but no videographics, you still feel like you are physically in the game. You are a blind knight being guided by your daughter Louise. Your task is to battle your way through the king’s men and save your wife from the king. Ahmat said he couldn’t finish the game, but it is challenging and fun. Available on the Appstore and on the Mac OS. Free but in app purchases apply. Headphones required. Work on it, Ahmat!

Search Google for “audio narration” and you’ll get a long list of related items including how to courses for aspiring narrators and lists of the worst narrators. One of the interesting entries is Audible’s Narrator Hall Of Fame, featuring 20 narrators known for their “wide, varied, and vibrant body of work; exceptional listener reviews; and a commitment to the craft and dedication to spreading awareness of audio performance.” Some recognizable names here, and further reading on the narrator topic will find lists of the worst narrators, too.