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“Indy Edge” are 2022 Beep Baseball World Series Champions

As noted in an earlier issue of this Bulletin, the 2022 National Beep Baseball World Series, sponsored by the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA), took place in Beaumont, Texas from July 24 to July 31, 2022, with teams competing from across the country. In the final game, the Indy Edge, from Indianapolis, Indiana, defeated the San Antonio (Texas) Jets, 19 to 8. The Jets team were runners-up in the series, followed by third place finisher, the Austin (Texas) Blackhawks. The NBBA includes 32 teams across the U.S. In beep baseball, players who are visually impaired hit an audible ball during a six-inning game and run to a buzzing base. Fielders dive toward the beeping ball to stop a run from scoring. For more information about the final game of the 2022 National Beep Baseball World Series, including a YouTube video, visit the 12NEWS webpage reporting that Indy Edge are the 2022 National Beep World Series Champions. Read more about the sport by visiting the website for the National Beep Baseball Association.