Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Indoor Games for All

There are not too many games that both sighted and blind people can play together. Dice World is a suite of accessible role playing dice games on iOS that promises a “level playing field” for everyone. The suite consists of six games, Yatzy, Farkle, Pig, Balut, 3’s, and 1-4-24. There are great tutorials to teach you how to play them. Offline, practice with computer characters like Donald Trump or Arnold Schwarzenegger, then graduate to online play and challenge real players. Reviewers said things like: “I recommend this game to anybody who is looking for a new fun way to spend some time with their phone and people that they cannot talk to face-to-face,” and “I cannot go a day without playing Dice World at least once.” Get it from the AppStore. Had enough Dice Games? Ahmat, an enthusiastic gamer, says hundreds more accessible games are available on AppleVis
Although fewer accessible games are available for PC, an Ahmat favorite is the nonprofit RSGames, built specifically for screen reader users; no text is displayed on screen. RSGames, which began back in 2009, is a client/server to download to your Mac or Windows computer – or to your iPhone or iPad. Sighted players can enjoy the games from their web browser. RS’s list of games includes some old standards like Bingo, War, Go Fish and Monopoly. In addition, you can voice chat and/or text chat with other players. Get RSGames on your PC or Mac here.