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If You Like Gaming: Insights from Partners for Sight Intern Ahmat Djouma

Ahmat shared some of the games he learned about when he attendedng the gaming chat for iPad and iPhone users held last week by The New York Public Library Andrew Heiskell Library. The first app game covered, Moxie classic, gives you “a bunch of lettered tiles that you can use to create words.” The longer the words that you create, the more points you get.  If you like word games this might be one for you. Another game of note is BLIND DRIVE. As the name suggests, you are “driving blind” using your phone as a remote control to operate a “car” and navigate obstacles.  You are blind folded, driving by using your ears and your phone as a remote control. The game costs $3.99. Ahmat reports that “I bought this game, but it was too fast-paced for me. Or I just might not be a great audio game player!” He found that the cars moved very quickly and “you have to get out of the way as quickly as you can so they can pass you.” If you are familiar with Blindfold Racer, this is similar, but you are not using your phone as a steering wheel in Blind Drive but rather your phone as a remote control. Finally, one great resource for accessible iOS apps is AppleVis.  This website is everything Apple. You will find a directory of accessible apps, instruction on how to get started on your Apple device, and you will be able to track any technical bugs with new software releases.  Go to this directory and you will be able to categorize apps into topics like games and lifestyle. Enjoy browsing through these vast resources.