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Have Skills, Need Money, But Prefer to Freelance? Do It Virtually

A recent broadcast on ACB Community discussed the “Contingency Workforce” and suggested those between regular jobs or who want to only work occasionally consider freelancing virtually through sites like Upwork , fiverr, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or guru. Freelancers with just about any job skill submit their bids for posted jobs and if selected, complete the work and are paid securely through the website. Current postings included a children’s book writer, Korean-English translator, web and app developers, transcriptionists and cold callers. Some sites require sign up before viewing available jobs, but others make their listings available immediately.
Short-term Projects Going Undone? – Hire a Freelancer Virtually
When RDPFS needed a new logo, rather than hiring a local company, it turned to the web and 99designs, a freelancing website from Vistaprint where those seeking design services can submit specs, start a design contest, and select from the ideas submitted. For projects ranging from audiobook narration to translation to just about any type of job that needs to be done at a reasonable price, Upwork , fiverr, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or guru work similarly.

Guru: Find Freelance Work and Hire Freelancers
Employers create accounts, fill out a form that defines each job and sets payment parameters, get quotes from freelancers, hire, approve the result and make payment through a secure payment system. While there is no favoritism here, guru’s process seemed easier to understand and their handling fee for a basic listing is only 2.9% of the job’s cost, “the lowest in the industry,” although they do suggest upgrading to the featured job category.