Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Free Braille Books for Children

Seedlings began in its founder’s basement in 1984 and has grown to include four programs: The Rose Project, which provides free World Book Encyclopedia articles to students in grades 1-12; the Book Angel for visually-impaired children (0-21) in the U.S. which offers 3 free braille books per year; the TVIP program which provides 4 free 1-volume braille books for teachers annually; and the Adopt-a-Reader Program (in four states only) through which children receive $100 certificates for braille books provided by donors.

Members of the National Federation of the Blind Braille Reading Pals Club receive one free book per year, a plush reading pal, activity sheets, birthday cards and more. Apply here.

American Printing House’s Braille Tales program is for children under five and for blind adults who want to read to their children. They’ll send 6 print/braille books per year so children “become interested in braille from a young age, encouraging them to be lifelong braille readers.” Sign up.

National Braille Press began accepting applications for a free year of the Children’s Braille Book Club on January 4. Under the program, funded through a matching grant from the NewCo Foundation, 125 families will receive 12 free books beginning in March. Families must be U.S. residents and the child must be under 10 years of age. Don’t hesitate, apply at Children’s Braille Book Club. NBP’s goal is to make the book club free for all children within the next five years, with a paid option currently available. Their Read Books! Because Braille Matters program, which launched nationally with a grant from Partners for Sight, is free to families with children from birth to 7 and includes a tote bag, age appropriate book, a tactile ball and 9 other items.