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For Father’s Day: Poems from the Heart

“Hi father dear, a pithy piece here,
Won’t take too long, you’ll be free once it’s gone,
And I promise not to send, any more prose this weekend…”
This begins a poem by Maribel Steel, dedicated to her Dad on Father’s Day. Steel,, who notes that she is visually impaired, thanks her Dad for devotedly and skillfully editing and proofreading her writing. “’His reply? ‘Flattery will get you everywhere!’”
DeAnna Quietwater Noriega provides advice on how to write a postcard poem and also shares her Father’s Day poem. She explains that a “postcard poem” contains five lines and is concise, so that it can fit on the back of a postcard. Noriega provides specifics for each line, noting that it can include an introduction, main message, and conclusion. Her personal Father’s Day poem, while not a “postcard poem,” conveys the experience of having a Dad, who:
“…feels pride in his child’s accomplishments.
The light of his approval shines brighter than any trophy.
A Dad seeks to impart his hard won wisdom,
But accepts that some kids can only learn by making their own mistakes…”
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Happy Father’s Day to All Who Celebrate!