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For Father’s Day: Cards and Gift Ideas

Father’s Day, celebrated around the world at various times of year, is recognized in the United States each year on the third Sunday of June, this year, June 19, 2022. Although the commemoration began in the U.S. in 1910 and was celebrated widely by the end of World War Two, Father’s Day only became a federal holiday in 1972 through a proclamation by President Richard Nixon. For more information about the holiday and its origins, read the History Channel webpage on Father’s Day 2022.

As this year’s Father’s Day approaches, here are a few sources of cards and gifts to honor the dads in your life:

Vision Aware provides numerous and varied gift possibilities. One article they published, “My Father’s Day Gift List for Your Dad Who is Visually Impaired,” offers a number of suggestions for those who are technology oriented. The Amazon Echo, for example, can be a hit with the whole family with its text-to-speech feature. Users can ask “Alexa” for the latest news, podcast, narrated books, weather, and more. Less expensive versions, such as the Amazon Tap and Echo Dot, perform similar functions. For those who enjoy reading, the Kindle Fire Tablet is another option with accessibility features like a screen reader, high contrast setting, and screen magnifier. Read the full article for more details about these and other gift ideas, with some price information: My Father’s Day Gift List for Your Dad Who Is Visually Impaired. Another article, released originally for the holiday season, describes additional gift options. For the game enthusiast, large print or braille games and cards can be considered. Some small, useful gifts include signature and writing guides, a lightweight travel task light, and talking keychain. For more information, including prices, for these and other items, read: Gift Ideas for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired – VisionAware.

The Braille Superstore offers 16 different Father’s Day cards and will print and braille a personal note below the card’s preprinted message. Each card is available for $7.95. Cards include message themes such as “Great as You,” “About Fathers,” “Take a Break,” and “Looking Up to You.” For the full list of cards, ordering details, and other information, visit the webpage on Father’s Day Cards for the Blind. For gift ideas and prices, from talking watches, to daily living aids like bold pens, to games like Chess and Checkers, to braille apparel, and more, visit the website for Future Aids: The Braille Superstore.

Another source for braille items is Zazzle, an online shopping site. They sell a Happy Father’s Day Braille Card for $4.42, as well as many braille gifts, such as a water bottle for $27.85, computer key number stickers priced at $2.82, and T-shirts with various messages (with prices from $20 to $31.75). For more information, visit the webpage on Braille Gifts.

Etsy offers braille Father’s Day cards and gifts from numerous vendors. For example, a “Happy Father’s day” message in print and braille appears on the cover of a card, with the opportunity for a personalized braille/print message inside, for a cost of $8.32, plus shipping. A braille card, with tactile and textured depictions of soccer and basketballs and a helmet for the sports enthusiast, can be personalized and purchased for $6.75, plus shipping. Braille cards may be found on the Etsy website under the listings for Braille father’s day cards. Braille bookmarks,  a coffee/tea mug, T-shirts,  tie clips, and other gift ideas are also available, with pricing information, on the Etsy page for  Braille Gifts for Fathers.

A variety of gifts can be purchased from Amazon as well. In addition to those cited in the Vision Aware piece, these include talking watches and clocks, amplified, big button remote controls, large print playing cards, a braille version of the card game UNO, and a big button remote control, to name a few. To check out what is offered, and prices, check out Gifts for people who are blind or visually impaired.