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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

by Connor Courtien, RDPFS Intern:


With Father’s Day fast approaching in the United States on June 18, 2023, this is a good time to get a suitable gift for a Dad who is living with vision loss. If you’re looking for something to give to a father in your life, there are some great ideas for what you can order online covering all types of interests. One option, sports glasses with 3.5 times zoom and glare-reducing rubber shields, one of the items available through MaxiAids, can be selected for those with low vision who enjoy going to sporting events. This can be particularly handy with summer just around the corner when outdoor sports are at their peak. If a father being honored enjoys watching television, consider getting a large-print universal remote, from Amazon, which will enable them to more easily channel-surf. For a game enthusiast, gifts that could make a good combination are braille and large-print playing cards along with an automatic card dealer. These will make poker nights with friends and family a breeze. Another gift idea is a talking watch with large-print numbers that announces the time as needed, which serves as a great option if you’re looking for something a bit more refined. To see more ideas for Father’s Day gifts, check out this article from MaxiAids, which also covers ideas for those with hearing and mobility impairments.