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Exercising Your Right to Vote

Blind BBC journalist Salim Patel worried that even with a tactile aid, his vote would not be secret.

On May 22, a coalition of disability groups filed a lawsuit with the New York State Board of Elections regarding absentee voting in the wake of COVID-19. Any New Yorker can request an absentee ballot for the June presidential primary, but absentee ballots are print only and must be returned by mail. While active duty military and overseas voters can cast their ballot via email, this option is not being offered to voters with disabilities, although it is available in six other states. “Plaintiffs seek reform to the systems and practices that discriminate against voters with disabilities in time for the June 2020 elections.” For further information contact Clark Rachfal or Chris Danielsen

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan group whose mission, quite simply, is “Empowering voters. Defending democracy.” The League has more than 700 chapters around the country and states: “The right to vote is a fundamental principle of our democracy. When more Americans can participate in our elections, the outcome better reflects who we are as a country.” Perhaps a local chapter can help with voter education.