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Employee Appreciation Day: Time to Consider Accessible Hiring Practices

Since 1955, March 4th has been recognized as “Employee Appreciation Day,” to mark the importance of strong employer-employee relationships to the success of a business, according to National Today. During the pandemic, this theme has taken on renewed meaning, as one in four people left their jobs over the past year. “It’s a job seeker’s market, with more than 10 million job openings as of November (2021).” Many job seekers have disabilities, after being impacted “disproportionately” by COVID-19-related layoffs. Accessible hiring practices can help to address labor shortages while also connecting employers with talented applicants, as explained in an article from TechCrunch. Contrary to some myths and misconceptions, people with disabilities often are more productive than others and the companies they work for reap greater annual revenues due to “increased innovation that develops inclusive products to capture new markets.” Accommodations for employees with disabilities often involve little or no expense. Companies recognizing the potential advantages of hiring candidates with disabilities can examine their own practices related to such issues as recruiting, interviewing, employee benefits, and accommodations. These are among the guidelines for hiring provided by Disability Rights California, an advocacy organization serving Californians. Read more from TechCrunch about Accessible hiring practices to solve for The Great Resignation.