Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

DIY Braille Embosser, Talking Washing Machine Interface, MP3 Soccer Ball and More… is an open source community for people who like to make things, share their ideas and instructions, and even encourage others to improve on the makers’ designs. There are sections for making everything from non-toxic nail polish to robots to tiramisu, but the assistive tech projects section has lots of ideas for those who are blind and visually impaired. It’s complicated, but the low cost to create the Open Braille Embosser might make the challenges involved worthwhile. Have a washing machine with LED indicators that makes tactile markers useless? Try putting together a Talking Washing Machine Interface. There’s even a solution that keeps a foam ball making noise when it’s no longer in motion with the MP3 Soccer Ball. Countless other ideas, too.