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“Data Spotlight:” Employment of Hispanics with Vision Impairment and Other Disabilities in Skilled Trade Professions

Also in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Office of Disabilities Employment Programs (ODEP) of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently published a “data spotlight” exploring the employment of Hispanics with disabilities in skilled trade professions, a key element of the DOL’s Good Jobs Initiative. This program provides vital information to workers, employers, and government agencies to help “improve job quality and create access to good jobs free from discrimination and harassment for all working people.” The initiative focuses on underserved communities, including individuals with disabilities and other groups. Findings, based on American Community Survey data from 2017-2021, show that nearly one-third of Hispanics with disabilities are working in skilled trades, with the largest number in transportation. Among those reporting only one kind of disability, vision impairment is the most prevalent type. Skilled trades often “have training requirements that are shorter than a typical four-year degree program, allowing quicker entry into the workforce.” These professions include employment in such industries as farming, fishing, and forestry; construction; installation, maintenance, and repair; production; and transportation. Visit the U.S. DOL Blog here to read the full Data Spotlight: Employment of Hispanics with Disabilities in Skilled Trades Professions | U.S. Department of Labor Blog. And read the ODEP News Brief from September 22, 2023 here for the announcement of the Data Spotlight.