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Darkness Fighters are Hong Kong’s Visually Impaired Dragon Boat Team

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, the largest and oldest in the world, took place in June this year. It’s likely the Darkness Fighters, who were featured in an article in The New York Times in 2018, Blind and Graying, were there paddling with every muscle. The team of 22 includes some seniors who are as passionate about the sport as any of the younger members. “Competing is an opportunity to socialize as well as a chance to exercise” One paddler, Lau Fat, 65, who lost his vision in 2013, takes a bus, makes three subway transfers and navigates Hong Kong traffic to get to practice. Lau, who’s also learned Kung Fu, said “It’s hardest for newly blind people. They need to be convinced that they don’t need to be home alone but should come out and do things.” By the way, they placed fifth out of eight teams in their race. The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York takes place this year on August 7. Find videos on YouTube.