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Creating an Inclusive Halloween

Tomorrow’s annual celebration of Halloween can be a time to advance inclusivity for all. Toward that goal, Perkins School for the Blind affirms that “it is paramount that we extend our commitment to crafting an accessible Halloween experience that embraces the diverse needs of all individuals with disabilities.” They offer tips to help to create an experience that is accessible and “spooktacularly fun for everyone.” RightHear, a provider of talking signage, makes some suggestions as well. Recommendations include:
– Clear pathways of obstacles: Be mindful of trick-or-treaters who use wheelchairs, walkers, or other devices for mobility. Illuminate the path as well.
– Be descriptive when communicating with trick-or-treaters: It can be helpful to describe what you’re giving out in a subtle way, such as asking “’would you prefer stickers or chocolate?;’” or stating “’here’s a wrapped candy for you…’”
– Arrange for accessible decorations: Décor can offer a multisensory experience, with “spooky music,” pumpkins, or hairy large spiders, and scented candles.
– Offer inclusive treats: Offer a variety of treats, from candy to fruits, to pretzels, and more, to include those who may have a dietary restriction.
– Provide indoor options: If outdoor trick-or-treating is a challenge, consider Halloween at-home activities, such as dressing up, playing themed games, or participating in “virtual costume contests.”
For additional details from both sources, read the Perkins “Friday Forward” piece describing Four ways to create an inclusive Halloween and the RightHear item containing 4 tips to make Halloween inclusive.

Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween!