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Commemorating Helen Keller’s Birthday

This coming Monday, June 27, 2022, marks the 142nd anniversary of Helen Keller’s birth in 1880. To celebrate the occasion, the NFADB (National Family Association for Deaf-Blind) is hosting a free, online event featuring keynote speaker Dr. Susan Bruce, Professor and Chair, Teaching, Curriculum, and Society at Boston College. Dr. Bruce’s professional career has focused on how students with severe disabilities communicate, in particular those who are deafblind. Her research has encompassed literacy, assessment, teacher preparation, special education, and rare syndromes, including a key international research study on communication, language, and literacy in children who are deafblind. To register, visit the listing on the National Center on Deaf-Blindness website: NFADB Event: Helen Keller’s Birthday Celebration.

June 27 has been recognized as “Helen Keller Day” since 1980, when President Jimmy Carter issued a proclamation celebrating the “deafblind icon’s” life. During her lifetime, Keller met six of the nation’s Presidents, using the experience to “enlist them in the fight for equal rights for people with disabilities.” Learn more about her relationships and partnerships with these leaders from the Perkins School for the Blind description of Helen Keller, the president whisperer.