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Commemorating 9/11: How a Guide Dog and Partner Escaped the World Trade Center

As we mark the twentieth anniversary of the day that changed our world, one story can be recalled that, thankfully, had a positive outcome, thanks to the partnership between Michael Hingson, blind since birth, and Roselle his guide dog. Hingson, a sales director, arrived at work with Roselle that morning on the 78th floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center. Soon after their arrival, a jetliner crashed into the tower “18 floors above Hingson.” After calling his wife and checking that his staff had evacuated, Hingson and his Labrador Retriever descended the 78 flights of stairs. By the time they reached the lobby, Tower Two had been struck and was collapsing as well. “Roselle led Hingson some 40 blocks to a friend’s apartment and safety.” After this experience,  Hingson and his guide dog became celebrities, appearing on numerous television shows. “’They were looking for something positive that came out of the tragedy.’” Following 9/11, Hingson returned to California, where he had originally lived, and went to work for Guide Dogs for the Blind, where Roselle had been trained. Read more about it from the American Kennel Club: Guide Dog Roselle Helped Her Blind Partner Escape the World Trade Center.