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Check Out These Virtual Series on Grocery Shopping and Cooking

As we gear up for the cooler weather and upcoming holiday season, grocery shopping and cooking often are high on the list of tasks to tackle. Following are workshops from Hadley that can be helpful:

With some pointers and planning, shoppers with vision loss can find products and “check out smoothly” at the supermarket or grocery with the Grocery Shopping Series, featuring workshops on “Planning Ahead and “At the Store.” Among the tips:
– Create a list in bold, large print or by using an audio device, such as a smartphone or digital assistant, like Alexa on the Amazon Echo, or by writing the list in braille;
– If others in the household are providing input, ask them to write in bold, large print, or via other formats as well;
– Shop with an assistant, either a friend who accompanies the shopper or a store employee.

No matter the level of vision, cooks can continue approaching everyday kitchen tasks in the Cooking Series. Workshops cover such topics as “Kitchen Safety Basics,” “Measuring Dry Ingredients,” and “Pouring.” A few tips include:

– Good lighting is helpful. Lighting under top cabinets brightens the countertops and working surfaces;
– Use of contrast helps to make it easier to see. For example, when cutting vegetables and other food items, have dark and white cutting boards or use a two-sided board with white and black sides. Similarly, use a different color tray from cups or bowls (i.e., dark and light colors to differentiate).
– For measuring and pouring ingredients, look for measuring cups and spoons with braille, tactile, or large-print numbers.
For more information and tips, check out the Hadley Grocery Shopping Series and the Cooking Series.

Cooking Series Now Available in Spanish

The National Eye Institute (NEI) of the National Institutes of Health (NEI) is partnering with Hadley to begin to offer resources in Spanish. The first offering of the cooking series, with other titles to be added. Click here for the landing page for “Serie sobre cocinar:” Once on the page, selecting the “Inscríbase” button will trigger a sign up process in Spanish as well as a notification when more offerings in Spanish are available.