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The Business Case for Employment and Accommodation – A conversation

“Accessible Solutions for Employees” from the Future of Work podcast series at PEAT is a conversation with Mike Hess, founder of the Blind Institute of Technology (BIT). Hess, who gives a brief history of his own career ladder from coder to entrepreneur, discusses some of the tried and true best practices for engaging employers in hiring blind professionals. Hess noted that as companies look to diversify their hiring practices, the next 36 months may be as critical for people with disabilities as for other marginalized groups. He tells companies, “So, as you are really looking at your recruiting practices, as you’re looking at your hiring practices, all that, the time is now. Like do the, you know, adding the professionals with disabilities community to those efforts is seamless and it absolutely fits fine. Listen to “Accessibility Solutions for Employees”

BIT, based in Denver but with nationwide connections, offers placement services to “people who have developed professional goals, who have a marketable skill set, and who have a specific idea of where they would like to take their career. …our connections are typically for higher level positions.” There is a Salesforce certification class and a mentoring program for teens, Little BIT. To learn more, go to BIT