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Career Corner: Remote Work Options

Remote Job Opportunities Available Now

Remote job opportunities, available in growing numbers since the onset of the pandemic, can offer flexibility and other options that benefit people with disabilities or chronic illness. Seven companies that are recognized as inclusive employers are cited in The Mighty as having openings for a wide range of positions – Data Scientist, Global Community Manager, Inclusion Interview Content Engineer, Copywriter, Producer/Editor, Customer Support Associate, Market Researcher, and Customer Strategy & Operations Manager, to name a few. Read more about these positions: 7 Remote Job Opportunities. These employers are cited for their inclusion in hiring by Chronically Capable, a digital marketplace connecting jobseekers with disabilities or chronic illness with inclusive workplaces.

How Remote Work Can Change Lives

“As someone in the blind and low-vision community, the expansion of remote work has been an economic game-changer.” Rachel Christian, a journalist and personal finance writer who is legally blind, attests that remote work has had a very positive impact on career opportunities for individuals who are blind or have low vision. For in-person work, transportation can be a major hurdle, especially in areas lacking public transportation. Office set ups can pose challenges as well, such as a sun-drenched office. With remote work, Christian was able to control her environment with optimal lighting and accommodations built into her computer. As a result, her writing speed “spiked” and she picked up additional work. Read her story in Business InsiderRemote work has finally made me — a legally blind person — feel like I can thrive at my job…