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Businesses Move Forward on Disability Inclusion

“Shifts in the way our lives are carried out in the face of the pandemic– working from home, extended periods of isolation – have also had a knock-on effect on the rhetoric around disability inclusion,” wrote Caroline Casey in ” “2020: The Year the Conversation Around Disability Business Inclusion Shifted
Twitter plans to introduce automated captions to audio and video by early 2021. Microsoft launched initiatives to boost inclusivity in AI. Google marked National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) by introducing a Sound Notifications feature for Android phones – alerting those who are deaf or have hearing impairments of loud noises via a flashing camera light or vibrations. Stated Casey, “inclusivity should not simply spike and revolve around disability awareness events. It must be a year-round, constant effort, with disability inclusion systemically integrated” and people with disabilities in the decision process every step of the way.