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App Updates

BlindSquare: Providing Navigation Guidance Worldwide

By Nikhil Vohra

BlindSquare, an iOS navigation app designed for people who are blind, deafblind, and partially sighted, is a tool used by thousands of individuals across the globe. Available in 25 languages, the app uses data from OpenStreetMap, which provides worldwide map data, and Foursquare, the independent location data platform, to provide users with information about their surroundings that they can use to travel independently. The app’s features include the ability to set a destination and hear directions and updates on the progress of the commute, the option to save favorite locations, and the ability to shake the device to hear one’s current location and information about nearby intersections and venues. BlindSquare works with iOS VoiceOver to communicate relevant information, and it can be linked to a braille display for tactile output. Moreover, BlindSquare can communicate with third-party public transportation and ride-sharing apps in order to look up public transportation schedules or hail a cab. Based in Finland, the app’s development team is always looking for feedback in order to further improve the software. A demo version is available at no cost, with a fee for the full app. Learn more on BlindSquare’s official site.

Swordy: A New Accessible Game

By Ahmat Djouma

Swordy Quest is a fully accessible game developed by Seligman Ventures Global Limited.  You are placed in a land surrounded by mountains, forest, and a lake.  Your job is to survive. You must gather food to be able to eat, craft weapons to hunt and defend yourself from any attacks like the dragon, and obtain resources to be able to upgrade your materials. This game was released not too long ago, but already has attracted a great community of players. The developer has a Facebook group with more than 500 players and he constantly seeks input from players to improve the game.  Feel free to download Swordy Quest from Apple AppStore