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Adapt Your Home to Meet Your Visual Needs

Home modifications can make a tremendous difference in how well an individual with vision loss can remain – or become – independent in performing activities of daily living. The article low-vision” “Home Modifications for the Visually Impaired,” featured on the Hire A Helper blog, expands on this theme, offering tangible tips for making changes that are fairly simple, inexpensive and valuable. Although each individual’s vision and needs vary, some overall recommendations can help in adapting the home environment. With a range of advice, from lighting to furniture arrangement, to how to eliminate safety hazards, to use of contrast, tactile markings and organization, those with low vision or total blindness can pick and choose adaptations to meet individual needs. Links to resources are provided as well.

For those with wet age-related macular degeneration, “My Home In Sight Kit” is available from Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation. The kit offers simple, yet significant, updates that can help those with AMD adapt living spaces to changing vision. For more information and to order a free kit.