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Accessible Video: Checking Out a Review of the Peacock Streaming Service

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, began offering audio description of its offerings in June of this year. The Peacock app, available free from the iOS Apple Store or Google Play Store, brings audiences NBC shows as well  as other shows and films and original content. As of last month, more than 100 of Peacock’s titles offered audio description. For those needing help with the service, they do not provide phone support, but do have accessible chat support and an extensive help section. To activate audio description (AD), those with some usable vision might be able to do this independently. However, for individuals without usable vision, sighted assistance is probably needed to activate this feature. Once activated, “AD should remain on.” For a comprehensive description of the service and its accessibility, check out the article from AFB (American Foundation for the Blind): Streaming Video Services Part 7: Does Peacock Have Wings? A Review of the Peacock Streaming Service from NBCUniversal.