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A Star is Born: Young TV Actor Depicts Character Who, Like Him, Has a Vision Impairment

Three-year-old Johnny Kincaid plays toddler Jack Damon on the popular NBC-TV series This is Us. The character Jack Damon is visually impaired, as is Johnny Kincaid, who made his acting debut in this role. Johnny has albinism, according to the Instagram page he shares with his mother. Although albinism is a different condition* than the one Jack has on the show, Marisol Kincaid, his Mom, noted that “she was excited about the opportunity Johnny has to represent the low vision community.” The young actor’s co-stars have given him glowing reviews, as reported in Glamour. To read more about Johnny Kincaid, check out the CINEMA BLEND article: This Is Us Cast Gushes Over 3-Year-Old Jack Jr. Actor: ‘He’s Going To Win An Emmy’. To watch This Is Us for free, it is available on Tuesdays on local NBC-TV stations as it airs or online by downloading the NBC app or Peacock.
*The character Jack Damon’s eye condition is retinopathy of prematurity, according to This Is Us viewers and Hidden Remote in response to the question: “Is baby Jack on This is Us Blind?”