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A Beginner’s Checklist for Inclusive AI

As organizations increasingly rely on AI (artificial intelligence), a Beginner’s Checklist for Inclusive AI is now available to help ensure that AI is used in inclusive ways. Following are a few of the recommended “Elements of Procuring and Tailoring AI Systems to Reduce Bias:”

Ask Before You Buy: Be sure to get full information from vendors about how the potential purchase makes AI decisions; request an Explainable AI statement before buying technology;

Always Include Humans: AI technology should help recruiters and hiring managers, not replace them;

Focus on Accessibility:  Technology used every step of the way needs to be accessible to create an inclusive experience for job candidates.

Created by The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT), Checklist questions were developed following discussions with innovators with disabilities who have worked with AI extensively. They are a companion piece to PEAT’s recently released Disability-Led Innovation Report. Learn more and read the full Beginner’s Checklist for Inclusive AI.