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Our Mission
Partners for Sight is dedicated to increasing the self-reliance and dignity of blind and visually impaired persons. We believe these individuals should have the tools and resources necessary to lead independent, productive lives. Through our support of non-profit organizations that share this philosophy, we’re making the world easier to navigate for thousands of people, every day.




Low Vision Focus @ Hadley, a program for older adults with low vision.

Did you know that one out of every six seniors experiences age-related vision loss due to conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes or cataracts? These conditions often result in low vision. As your vision loss progresses, it often becomes necessary to relearn how to conduct normal daily activities such as reading the mail, shopping, cooking, watching TV and paying the bills.

The Low Vision Focus @ Hadley program is designed to help you maintain your independence in your home by sharing practical ways to address daily living skills made difficult by low vision. 13 different audio lessons are offered on CD or online that can help you in managing your low vision. These include adjusting lighting, sounds and smells, magnification, kitchen appliances, accessible technology, simple safety precautions and more.

Plans for the Low Vision Focus @ Hadley program include developing additional resources on independent living and vision related topics, including interactive webinars and videos, and resources for physical therapists and occupational therapists who work with seniors with low vision.

The Low Vision Focus @ Hadley is completely free of charge. The program requires little more than a short registration form and is available to people with low vision, their family members and other service providers.

For more information, visit or contact Tom McCarville, Director of the Low Vision Focus @Hadley –